Equipped with more than almost 30 years of industry know-how and the latest technology, Fruit-ING is set to manufacture high quality tropical fruit pulps and juices according to US, European and Japanese standards. We are experienced in Tailor-Made fruit products as well as Standard pulps and juices, all of which are 100% natural and made from the freshest produce possible.

Phillip David Greenberg, President
Fruit-ING, New York Office
Phil, a 25 year-veteran of international food trade, oversees operations at IngredienTrade's New York headquarters and manages business development and supply efforts. Phil founded IngredienTrade in 2000, having previously founded and managed Metro Trade, Inc., a company that sourced food ingredients primarily for large brokering companies who in turn marketed the products to leading US and European brands. In 2000, Phil assembled a team to sell directly to end-clients, and incorporated the new initiative under the name, IngredienTrade. Prior to Metro Trade, Phil managed his family's business, which had imported and distributed food products since the early 1950's. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in international studies and did advanced academic work including Ph. D. studies in international economics at the London School of Economics, and taught at the university level. He lives in Midtown Manhattan with his wife, a psychoanalyst, and is an avid fan of classical music, opera, and the Cleveland Indians.